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Yogi Life refers to the importance of a holistic approach. The word holism comes from the Greek word " holos " which means " whole ".

It is a way of life where you feel that you are part of a larger entirety. If you are connected to everything around you, you will live with more love, with more respect. By living according to holistic principles you make a more beautiful place in the world. You make life a lot lighter and more fun for yourself. You live from love. Love for yourself, love for others, love for nature. The most exalted thing you can do as a person is love yourself. Because only if you love yourself and fully accept yourself you can look at others in love.

With our holistic approach we help you in a gentle way how you can become more physically and mentally flexible. Our motive that we strive for ourselves and that we also want to convey to our yogis is "A healthy mind in a healthy body", "a natural balance of body and mind."

Yoga is a way of life for Yogi Life. Through a more refined way of exercise, we come into contact with deeper values of your existence.

In this context, our yoga classes are supplemented with mindfulness, meditation, sounds, vibrations & music. In addition to our yoga sessions, we also offer massages and yoga retreats.

Professional & passionate yoga teacher Jessy will guide the yoga sessions. Jessy has been practicing Yoga for several years. She was a driven triathlete, yoga was a perfect addition to this. First, she mainly practiced the more active forms of yoga and saw it primarily as a physical sport. Gradually she came in contact with other forms of yoga. She began to appreciate this more and more and also the original idea and philosophy  behind yoga fascinated her more and more. She recently went to Bali to follow an intensive Yoga Teacher Training to be able to transfer her passion to others.

Imagine practicing yoga on an immense terrace with a beautiful view of the glittering sea and the distant mountain ranges. There is also a wonderfully relaxing indoor studio with gigantic windows to enjoy the breathtaking sea view.

Yoga Sessions


Group sessions are given weekly:


Tuesday 8 am: Vinyasa yoga

Thursday 8 pm: Yin yoga

Sunday 8 pm: YinYang


The yoga sessions are always preceded by an introductory meditation.


Duration: ± 1h30

Level: beginner - advanced

Instruction language: English / Dutch

Price: € 15 per turn

Material: All materials (mat, blocks, bolster, etc.) are provided.


Private lessons are given on request.


Register by mail: or send an app to: 0032 494 05 33 94


Yoga styles

Vinyasa Yoga:

Vinyasa Yoga is intensive but accessible. So count on pleasure, deepening and insight into yourself. Vinyasa Yoga is descended from Ashtanga Yoga. They are two physical forms of yoga that are characterized by the non-stop movement. One posture flows into the other at the rhythm of breathing.

Vinyasa Yoga is very varied. Every vinyasa yoga is a surprise to the creativity and character of the yoga teacher!


Vinyasa yoga focuses on strengthening and extending the muscles.


Breathing exercises and meditation play a major role in Vinyasa Yoga. Good breathing and meditation will provide more rest, relaxation and energy.

Yin Yoga:

"Groundbreaking, deep, slowly relaxing, healing."


In Yin Yoga you can take the time for your body, you let go of your muscles.

Yin yoga gives you time to feel every aspect of your body. Being in the moment, in your body, in space and in your feelings.

Yin Yoga could be called a counterpart to active yoga forms such as Vinyasa Yoga. Yin Yoga is very calm. The poses are not performed with force and they are held for a longer period of time. 

In Yin Yoga you look for resistance in a posture. This causes tension / stress in a specific part of the body.

Because of this you work on strengthening or repairing the joints and connective tissue. This is precisely what makes Yin Yoga extremely interesting for athletes.


Yin Yoga is relaxation of both body and mind. You learn to accept what presents itself, not to resist it, but to surrender to it. Because of this you are ultimately stronger in life. You have virtually no influence on what happens in your life, but on how you deal with it!

YinYang Yoga:

Everything in life consists of yin & yang. Yin refers to the moon energy, the female energy, rest, the intuitive. Yang refers to the solar energy, the male energy, action, dynamics.

In our Western society, a yang energy dominates; The rushed life, busy agendas both professionally and personally.

Many people therefore feel that their bodies are no longer in balance. We live more in our heads than in our bodies.

With yin & yang yoga we try to balance both energies.


Yin Yang Yoga we combine the calm and gentle approach of yin yoga with the more active styles of yang yoga.

Yin creates more space and relaxation in our body so that we can heal ourselves and become soft. Yang provides tone, strength and stability. The combination of Yin and Yang ensures that we are open and soft and at the same time have a powerful center, so that we can face the challenges in our lives with robustness and stability.


Yoga Retreats



3 Day Retreat

11 - 13 Okt. 2019 

- 2 nights 

- 2 Yoga sessions / day

- 2 Meals / day

- 1u body massage

Option cycling arrangement

3 Day Retreat

24 - 26 Jan. 2020

- 2 nights

- 2 Yoga sessions / day

- 2 Meals / day

- 1u body massage

Option cycling arrangement

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