The Power of Gember

The power of ginger is not in the number of calories the plant provides us, but in the number of vitamins and minerals we get from it. Vitamin B, C, beta carotene, calcium, potassium and magnesium are just a few examples of the many beneficial nutrients. Ginger, together with medicinal substances such as gingerol, lineol, shogaol, zingibain, zingiberene and zingiberolen, has many positive effects on health.

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- Stimulates your immune system

- Prevents bloating

- Reduces stomach upset

- Helps with weight loss

- Natural pain reliever

- Lowers cholesterol


Shot !

A shot a day keeps the dokter away!

The perfect serve

- 5 cl Ginger Power

- 20 cl (sparkling) water

- 2 ice cubes

- Possibly with fresh mint

Ice Cubes

Vries het gembersap in ijsblokjes in

Aardbei Mocktail

- 4 aardbeien​

- 5 cl Gember Power

- Sap van ½ limoen

- 200 ml tonic of soda

- Eventueel enkele hibiscusbloemen 

- ijsblokken

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